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Once again folks, TIME TO TAKE ACTION!!!    It’s time to turn up the HEAT and do the same thing to Brandon Harley-Davidson, just like we did to Lakeland HD.  Tell them how you won’t spend money at their store because Torre is a thieving fraud magnet.  We know Pat Torre is no longer the sales manager at Lakeland Harley-Davidson because of your work in running him off….time to do it again at Brandon Harley!  Tell them what you think….click the link on the main page and share your thoughts.

Get lost Pat –  Go find another state to live, we don’t want you here…..this site will be the web’s personal reminder of your fraud and tricks.  Our efforts will never stop.  You keep appearing and causing issues in the motorcycle community, so we will continually find you and let your employers know you’re garbage.  Our mission is to make sure that unsuspecting people are WELL INFORMED of your actions.  Until you make everything right, this reminder will always be available on the web….watching, informing and trying to right the wrongs you have done to the community.  We hope you rot in jail.